Friday, December 11, 2009

Its nice to see you again....

HOLY CANOLI! Long time..well where to start's been such a hectic month. Aside from the whole partying, double fisting the jagger and rockstar, insane Christmas shopping, and so on, I've been sick for about a week now. This is probably the worse sickness I've ever had, thanks to my BFF who has kindly given me her symptons, has actually evolved into a mutated-strain of cold; right now Im dying from the strep and laryngitis. I can't even talk, everytime I want to I have to whisper like a creepy witch woman that's trying to cast all to damnnation; its pretty freaky, ask the gas attendant at Sunoco who got a bit freaked out when I whispered to put 20 bucks into station 9. I never appreciated my voice like I do now, it sucks I feel like the woman with no voice, I have all these thoughts circling in my mind, but no voice to speak it out *tear. I hate being sick, its the worst feeling in the world; when I'm sick I have an overabundance of saliva (yes gross) for some odd reason (like a dentist just pulled out a couple of teeth and I'm all drugged up on anasthesia), and I wake up and my pillow is like friggin flooded of saliva; LMAO i know i know, too much news to take in, but whatever i'm an honest person with nothing to hide.

Why the f*** is Gossip Girl's next show airing in March?!?!?! Are you kidding me? I have to wait an eternity to watch the next flippin episode, I mean I know its only three months (ONLY?!?) but what the hell am I gonna be doing throughout the three months? Watch something else? Please I want to see my Chuck Bass and his awesome fake American accent, because we all clearly know he's English, but whatever he's a babe (LOL!). Jenny and Blair would have to be my abosolute faves due to their awesome fashion sense and how they carry themselves while wearing what they are wearing; we all know that you can't let the clothes wear you. Oh well, I guess I'm gonna have to stake it out near the window watching the days past before the next GG show airs, another *tear.

As most of you know I am from Brampton (Bramladesh, Singhdale), whatever you want to call it, and we all know that majority of the population from Brampton are shitty (excuse the french) drivers. Don't criticize me for speaking out an opinion, but I also have proof..the Brampton Guardian. The front page of the Brampton Guardian's Wednesday newspaper clearly stated that Brampton is one of the cities with the worst drivers AHA! Now, if you live around the Springdale and Sandalwood area (not being racist whatsoever because I am not stating or slandering any races whatsoever) I have noticed that the majority of the worst Brampton drivers live in this certain section of Brampton. TRUST ME on this, I have seen cars driving on the opposite flow of traffic, drive through red lights, driving at an excessive slow speed in a 60-70 zone. I have seen COUNTLESS scenarios where a driver would be making a right turn, and would watch you approach, and up until you're almost near him/her, he/she will cut you off and drive...NO, NO its not like they cut you off and speed up, THEY EFFIN SLOW DOWN! LIKE WTF..and all I want to do is get out of my car and beat that civilian to a bloody pulp, but I can't because I'm a lady who has to control her anger issues. Honestly, I think I've seen more car accidents in the Sandalwood area than in my old neighbourhood (I don't even recall any accidents at all). So to all drivers in Brampton, beware of the Sandalwood/Springdale area..these are the drivers that you have to watch out for.

Gotta cut this thing short, am watching the Magic pulverize the Jazz. Go Magic, I predict another Magic/Lakers finale once again...and this time the Magic will take it, guarantee you.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Long time...

no see. Been so busy lately (yeah right), don't you get annoyed when people use that "I've been so busy lately to see/call/meet you" remark, it's so played out, like you were REALLY that busy to ever call me, or came over and knock on my door to see if i was home? Why can't we all just be honest and admit that we were too lazy..because as I said the cloud of laziness is purely evil and will bind you in shackles. (HAH)

So Halloween was awesome..enjoyed the alcohol a bit TOO much as I was guzzling down the the bottle like it was water, and then the sing-a-longs started to flow out of my mouth in the limo because no one could work the radio. Never have a drunk person, or two, or all of them try to operate a radio in a limousine, trust me you'll never get to hear ANY music. It was funny because the driver was getting yelled at by us because WE were too intoxicated and deemed the technological device to be "defective"..then the Future Shop jokes came along MAKE IT DEFECTIVE!, SEND IT BACK TO GENCO!" Oh God, I've been there way too long. Saw way too many girls dressed up as cops, and sadly I was too cheap to buy a costume so i home-made my cop year will be better and more thought put into. The night ended up being a blast.

Got a new toy to play with...a netbook. Samsung and its all white!! Like marshmallow white, its so cute and convenient..I feel like I can hold this thing and run the marathon with it. Super light and easy to carry around school rather than my bulky 15.4" Toshiba that had a messed up charger out with the old and in with the new. For now this device is keeping me satisfied, but its too early to tell. All I need now is a new cellphone, my gold phone is aging and its so busted (like an older man with arthritis type of aging), the keypad buttons are all splitting down the middle (because of the texting), the # button won't work, and time to time my phone has a mind of its own and will do its occasional shut off and on business. Technology is so weird, its so sad how we've become so dependent on calculators, nowadays we don't need to use our brains to calculate simple math (to those who didn't know, we do have a brain), and its acceptable to use for school! Also for tests!

So Orlando once again...we've come to cause some trouble and ruckus once again. Super excited.

This song gets me so pumped up..I love the beat and the "Petrone in my cup" lyric..I know its old, but whatever.

Until later guys...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let it out so it can breathe..

I can't get over how scandalous Shakira looks in her new video "She Wolf". A lot of people are saying she looks "cheap", "dirty", etc..but have we forgotten that she IS in show biz? She's a pop star, she has an excuse and besides she looks GOOD! I mean how many of us "average" looking folk can do what she did in the video..what I'd do to do that cage dance. LOVE the heels as well. Good job Shakira, love the originality of the song, the meaning behind it as well..haha.

So tomorrow I'm off for a consultation with Good Life with my BFF. Ahh, time to hit the gym once again..I was dedicated to jogging for almost 2 months and a few weeks after my Orlando trip, but once the weather started getting colder my motivation started to freeze over as well. It's the lazy cloud, its evil and once you're under it, you'll be sitting there for a good long so gone you evil cloud! The only thing I need to 'shed' off is my stomach, its not too bad as it was a couple years ago, but it needs some work. It's at the point where my stomach can suck in by itself without me even trying! Trust me, its not crazy talk..I have crazy muscle memory or a matter in fact its sucking in right now! Awesome. Anyways guys, wish me and my stomach luck.

Now to listen to some "Rookie of the Year"..Drake, what? You thought I wouldn't talk about him? Pleaseeeee. New song called "King Leon" once again, great song.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I hate it when men lie around...

DOING NOTHING! I hate how social norms tell women that we should conform to doing household work while taking care of a baby, and while having a job! No wonder so many women are off killing their babies, husbands, themselves..this is a serious issue; no joke. So men, hear me out and get your lazzy arsses off that couch and pick up a broom! Women need to train their men to do things, like a dog, we have to command them to sit and give them a treat in the end (LOL). Ugh, I'm just ranting about doing chores while the guys just sat down watching tv and causing more mess...damn slobs!

Goodness gracious, I haven't posted in A LONG WHILE..not much to say except that I was pretty busy and well lacked in the creativity department. Not much has been going these past few exciting, jaw-dropping experiences. The Leafs lost yesterday 4-1 to the Toronto is such a garbage team, I can't believe that they are the highest grossing team in revenue out of the league..that's a shock; that's because us Canadians waste our hard-earned money to watch these guys lose on a nightly basis.

Alright, well off to Forever 21 with my BFF. Until again...

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Earlier tonight, my BFF and I went to go watch my studmuffin's hockey game. Im telling you we are die-hard fans of his team..during the game you can hear us yelling, screaming and cheering from the stands, I'm telling you we are going to be those hockey mothers screaming and egging on our 12-year-olds skating around the rink. Gotta hand it to us for being so passionate and supportive..*pat on the back. I swear we acted like we were at a play-off game. This is how a conversation about attending professional hockey games went like:
Michelle: "Dude, we're acting like we're at a play-off game"
A**a: "I KNOW! We should go to a hockey game one night...actually no wait they're too expenseive"
Michelle: "Indeed so, let's just go to a Battalion game, games are only 10 bucks"
A**a: "OMG! Yes, but the games are always sold out..Oh wait, my mom's work always has free tickets, I'll ask her for some"
Michelle: "I love it when you talk about free and cheap things.. brings a smile to my face"

I like the smell of a good therefore I am cheap..I am the female version of Jason Pitts from The Game, only I'm not a football player with a McMansion. So back to the hockey game, my muffin's team ended up winning 3-1..whooop-de-doo. Man, I love the game of hockey minus the smelly B.O smell going on in the rink, gives you a "I just threw up in my mouth" look.

Watched a documentary of Obama and his deception to the American's funny how all these people just eat up everything he says, yet as time goes by he does the complete opposite of what he initially promised to do..that man is just full of empty bottomless promises. Log onto YouTube and search "Obama's Deception" it's a 2-hour documentary detailing the presidential election, the Bilderberg Group, Federal Reserve, banking system, etc..if you care about your future and how you set your own destiny, watch this..don't be blind to what is happening in this world today..don't be like those other stupid and gullible people.

PG-rated..following video contains coarse language and PASSION..I love how KRS-One stands up for the public (those that are not brainwashed).

For those that do not know who KRS-One is..wikipedia and refer to this song, genius lyricist..classic song